MDI owns a broad patent covering key aspects of the technology underlying its MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) detection methods and its Detect-Ready® kit, as well as an extensive portfolio of additional patent applications around its Detect-Ready molecular diagnostic testing platform for infectious disease detection.

The recently issued patent titled “Methods, Compositions and Kits for Detection and Analysis of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria” covers key aspects of MDI’s PCR-based technology platform, which accurately distinguishes between samples containing MRSA, MSSA (methicillin sensitive S. aureus) and mixed populations of bacteria by amplifying and evaluating multiple gene targets. The patent includes broad method and kit claims that are also applicable to the molecular detection of other resistant pathogens, a large and growing healthcare problem worldwide.

Other patent applications cover methods for reducing non-specific amplifications in PCR, and stabilization of diagnostic kits at room temperature. These technologies enable a more precise comparison of the rate of amplification of different genetic markers in the same sample and they allow for true off the shelf storage and use.