After deciding to pump and bottle feed breast milk, I quickly realized I would need some sort of nursing pads. Not knowing which would work best, I grabbed two different packages: One by Playtex and the other by Johnson and Johnson and let me tell you I could start a thesis writing service after the research work I have done.

The Playtex “Nursing Necessities” Disposable Nursing Pads came thirty-six individually wrapped pads to a box for $4.59. They were very soft and comfortable with non slip adhesive on the entire back of the pad, which insured that no matter how much I twist and turn while sleeping, they stay in place.

The morning my milk came in the pad themselves were soaking, but the bed wasn’t. They kept me dry and seemed to pull the moisture away from my skin.

I love the fact that each pad was individually wrapped, which means I can toss them in a diaper bag, glove compartment or purse without worrying about them getting dirty, keeping them sanitized.

My only issue with the Playtex pads is the shape. The box states, “discreet contoured shape.” Though they were very comfortable they didn’t sit smoothly in my bra, which meant if I wore a fitted t-shirt you could see the outline of the pad, and my breasts looked sort of wrinkly though the shirt. Despite liking them, this factor made them my night time/staying at home nursing pad.

I then tried the Johnson and Johnson Nursing Pads. They come 60 to a box, costing about $7.00 a box. These pads were shaped differently from the first. They were perfectly round, and smooth fitting. This made them mostly invisible when wearing a fitted t-shirt.

The pad itself had a nipple indentation to ensure proper placement. The pad was very comfortable but a little small for those like me with larger breasts. They were not nearly as absorb ant as the Playtex, so night time or long term wear was not a great option.

My main issue with this pad is the fact that there is only a tiny amount of adhesive on the back of the pad. Because of the lack of adhesive the pad would sometimes float around my bra, especially when I was asleep. A floating pad means milk all over, which is not a fun option. To remedy this I placed extra double sided tape to the back of the pad.

Overall, I feel the Playtex, though not flush against the body is the superior pad as it is more absorb ant, and stays where it belongs.

If Johnson and Johnson were to offer additional sizes and added more adhesive, they would be a great product.