MDI’s Detect-Ready® molecular diagnostic tests represent a major breakthrough in real-time (rt) PCR testing. rt-PCR testing offers accurate detection of pathogens at extremely low target concentrations in samples, but more widespread use has been restricted by the many practical problems it traditionally entailed, including the need for cold storage and highly skilled technicians to prepare reagents on a daily basis. Detect-Ready technology dramatically simplifies the use of rt-PCR tests. Detect-Ready panels are based on MDI’s novel proprietary technology platform that does not require daily test preparation and allows for true off-the-shelf room temperature storage of all of the components of the reaction mixture.

Most importantly, the Detect-Ready multiplex technology enables higher accuracy. Clinical testing of the Detect-Ready MRSA Panel demonstrated high rates of sensitivity and specificity, with a marked reduction in the rates of false positive and false negative results experienced with other rt-PCR MRSA screening tests. The high level of accuracy is made possible by MDI’s proprietary differential diagnosis engine, which distinguishes between pathogens by assessing multiple DNA targets and genetic markers. In the Detect-Ready MRSA Panel, the differential diagnosis engine distinguishes MRSA, MSSA and methicillin-resistant non-S. aureus pathogens.

MDI’s technology platform is compatible with a number of common rt-PCR instruments, allowing Detect-Ready molecular detection tests to be easily adapted to run on standard rt-PCR instruments already present in most laboratories.

MDI’s Detect-Ready technology is being incorporated into a portfolio of diagnostic test kits for a number of infectious diseases.